The Original Belgaum Biryani

Biryani has travelled all across the country and  has been adapted to the tastebuds of every  region. The original Belgaum biryani served at Niyaaz is prepared using an age-old family recipe that has remained a consistent signature dish for decades.
The Belgaum Biryani served by us is a one of its kind dish due to the unique method used for the preparing, marinating and cooking of meat with the rice. Along with the fresh locally grown vegetables and traditional spice mixtures used by us which add a local flavor to the dish, the fragrant Belgaum Basmati rice used in cooking this biryani adds on a unique aroma and sweetness to it.
Unlike most biryani dishes where the cooked meat is added to the rice, Belgaum biryani is prepared by adding the marinated meat to the rice, which is cooked along with the steam, releasing the various flavors and aroma to the rice, making it the aromatic delicacy that is craved all over the nation.