Niyaaz Group Of Restaurants & Takeaways, Belagavi - 590001, Karnataka


Our Story

An unstoppable culinary crusade…

Niyaaz Group Of Restaurants & Takeaway. Is the name of a grand and passionate journey of flavors, unraveling authentic cuisines and sharing them with the world!

From past 25’ years we are serving our guests with excellent service and delighting experience, It started as a tiny restaurant created by Mr. Soudagar for travelers and even after 12 renowned restaurants, we are proud to say it still remains a Restaurant Group by the patrons, to the patrons and for the patrons.

Our Philosophy food is an expression of love. A well prepared dish is not only life giving, it strengthens bonds between people. This respect for food and love for sharing it with people is the reason why we do what we do. And, we do it with immense pride.

Because at the heart of the group lies the passion of Mr. Irshad Soudagar and beloved brother Mr. Niyaaz Soudagar, and their strength of hard workmanship that turned into a great strength for Niyaaz Restaurants! We started with Biryani in 1989 with the nostalgic flavors of Lucknow, in the fast lane of Belgaum. our journey started with very minimum resources around, we had no space to accommodate our guests at the time of full house, the 500 square feet crowded dining place drew gourmets and food critics alike with the unique flavors of Awadhi Cuisine.

From a crowded dining place to fine dining destination was a leap of faith, passion and grit. Niyaaz Restaurants Group has three flagship brands mainly Niyaaz Restaurant, Niyaaz Meals On Wheels, Niyaaz Seva Caterers.

As you read this, a seven hundred strong team of workers and number of dedicated suppliers work in unison to bring you a culinary experience par extraordinaire. From handpicking the freshest ingredients to plumbing the soul of a cuisine, theirs is a passion to serve rare flavours you will cherish. The moment you step into any Niyaaz Restaurant, it is each of our responsibility to ensure you leave with only a lifetime experience. We went a leap further to start-up a poultry farm of our own under the name and style of “SOUDAGAR POULTRY & FARM PRODUCTS” to ensure that the main ingredients of our recipe that forms to be chicken should be as per the specifications of our standards. From selecting the quality of chicks, to the feed they consume and the living atmosphere around them, we are passionate about everything we do. In these entire activities one thing which always came within is desire to do something different and unique and keep a benchmark for others, for which a parameter of professionalism and dedication is followed with a thin line’.

By 2014, it has become North Karnataka’s largest dining chain of restaurants. The best part of the story is yet to come – it is going global, pushing boundaries in Middle East and beyond.

By 2016, Niyaaz Restaurants is on verge of adding another feather in its cap with a Initial Public Offer (IPO) in a very challenging economic environment.

Our Vision

To be the Worlds Premier Restaurant franchising firm offering delicious Gourmet food  across Globe

Our Mission

A  Brand with Domestic Dominance and have a strong presence Internationally in  Food Industry with a name to Stand “