Niyaaz Group Of Restaurants & Takeaways, Belagavi - 590001, Karnataka



Chinese Starter

Julienne cuts of vegetables and noodles stuffed in our chef special rolls served with dip

Schezwan/Hot Garlic/Mushroom)

Chinese Soup

Sesame Oil Favored thin vegetable soup

A savory combination of spinach, lattuce and parsly are pureed with rice

Chinese Special choice of veg soup served thick topped with crispy fried noodles

A miled flavored choice of veg soup is all time favorite in all groups of age

Roasted tomato puree and cooked with garlic butter flavored with cream and bread crumbs

The lime coriander soup is a lovely combination of lime juice and coriander paste

A delicious and nutritious spinach soup that’s perfect any time of the year

Indian Shorba

A delicate Indian soup of fresh tomato tempered with cumin and coriander garnished with croutons

Chinese Starter

An abundance of whole basil leaves simmeled with chicken & red chillied for a delicious stir fry

Chicken toss with oystes sauce and steamered with spices

Supreme of chicken marinated Chinese spice and tossed in schezwan sauce, Belgaum specialty

Chinese Soup

A sumptous soup made of chicken & mashroom flavored with lemon & coriander

Indian Shorba

Lamb trotters stock blended with spices our chef’s special


Tandoori chicken marinated in chef’s special masala, char grilled in a clay oven

An Arabian delight with mild spices cooked in special designed grilled machine

World famous Indian chicken tikka marinated in chef’s special masala and char gilled in a clay oven

Our chef’s special murg tikka marinated traditionally in mizami style charcoal grilled

Spiced minced chicken coated with chopped tomato, capsicum, onion and char grilled

Chicken wings marinated in Indian herbs and spices, char grilled

Pankhadi is petal resembled boneless kebab made with wings of chicken in northern style spices & herbs

Succulent lamb minced mixed with ginger, garlic, chillies and char grilled

Sea Food

Whole pomfret marinated in choice of our tandoori or hariyal masala and char grilled

Medium sized of prawns marinated in choice of your tandoori or garlic flavor, char grilled